13 Years Later: Cat Finally Watches Super Bowl XXXIV

Even thought Super Bowl XXXIV aired almost 13 years ago in the year 2000, Harry the cat had never seen it.  He always meant to, said friends, but he had to work that night, so he TiVoed it, and there the recording has sat, on his TiVo hard drive for over a decade.

Last night, when warm milk failed to settle his stomach after eating some bad tuna, Harry decided to watch Super Bowl XXXIV until he felt well enough to sleep.

“I don’t think he really cared about the game — I mean, even if he was a fan of the Rams or the Titans, which I don’t think he is, that game was so long ago none of those players are probably even still playing,” said Harry’s roommate, Fred Sargen.  ”He was totally interested in the commercials, though.”

According to Sargen, Harry was overjoyed to finally understand why everyone a decade ago walked around saying, “Wassup!!” all the time.  

“Unfortunately for the rest of us,” he continued, “now Harry won’t stop walking around the house with his tongue out repeating a 13-year-old beer commercial catchphrase.”

Via captenkitty.

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